Monday, May 27, 2013

April Cottage Cushion designed by Gail Pan - Stiched in Time April day out.

On the 14th April I attended at great day with Gail Pan and Jennifer Knol.  Look what I have now finished, its call April Cottage Cushion by Gail Pan.  I just love this.  It is now in my study on display.  The day was great, Ramona Hermann catered for the food and boy was that awesome.  If you ever get a change to attend a day like this go you will not be sorry.  I have meet lots of new friends.  

"The Unnamed Quilt" Design by Carol Lews of Magic Patch Quilting.

This was designed by my friend Carol Lewis of Magic Patch Quilting.  I just love how it stands out and looks so inviting.  I have recently finished putting the binding on and now its in my study ready to be snuggled up in. 

Jacob's Ladder Quilt by Magic Patch Quilting

This quilt is one of a few we are currently doing in the Little Quilts Club of 2013 

I just love the colours of this quilt.  This was also my first attempt at quilting at home, so there is lots of room for improvement, but all in all I am very happy with this lap quilt. 

Now to find a place to put it on display at home.